How to make your penis bigger naturally without pills or surgery

Most people will tell you that the size of the penis does not matter when it comes to pleasing your partner, it’s the skill that matters the most. While this is indeed true to an extent, most girls secretly wish their partner had a bigger penis. Having a bigger penis really does lead to a better sex life and more confidence in bed. A bigger penis is often associated with masculinity and dominance, and 9/10 guys wish they could add a couple of inches to their dicks to feel better about themselves. If you’re one of them, then today is your day.

This article will show you the ropes and guide you through various techniques that are very effective for enlarging the penis. And the best part of it is that you don’t even need to spend a fortune of surgeries or shady pills, most of which are completely useless. Male Enhancement Exercises are becoming a popular way of adding size and girth to the penis.

Thousands of men across the world will testify to the effectiveness of these methods which have helped them deal with their self-esteem issues in bed. So without further dues, let us get on to the real stuff.

Measuring Your Penis

Measuring Your Penis

Before going into the real exercises, the first thing you must do is correctly measure the size of your penis. This is required for you to effectively track your progress throughout the whole “transformation” and see if you’re headed in the right direction.

First of all, you need to measure the erect length if your penis. The correct way to do this is to stimulate yourself to the point your penis is at its full potential. Once it reaches this point, grab a ruler and stand straight with your penis parallel to the floor. Put the ruler to one side of the penis and make sure it is parallel to it then mark the point where the tip of the penis meets the ruler.

These exercises will also help you gain a bit of girth on your penis, so it is a good idea to measure the girth as well. Simply wrap a cloth measuring tape around the midpoint of your penis and record the measurements.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Many people have several misconceptions regarding the effectiveness and safety of these exercises. But a simple Google search will reveal a lot regarding the how these exercises have helped thousands across the globe. While there a plenty of different exercises that help with penis enlargement, I’ll show you a few of the most effective ones.

1. Jelqing/ Milking Exercises

This is one of the most fundamental penis exercises that need to be implemented in any penis enlargement exercise regime. This is considered to be one of the most powerful enlargement exercises as it not only increases the length but also the girth of the penis.

One this you need to remember while doing this exercise is that you should never try it out on a fully erect penis or a flaccid one. This exercise should only be performed by keeping the penis in a semi-erect state. Lubrication is also extremely important while performing this exercise and any oil-based lubricant is highly recommended.

What you need to do is use your index finger and your thumb to make an OK sign and then slide your penis through it. Then you need to pull your right hand outwards from the base of the penis and gently massage it. Switch to your left hand and repeat the whole thing. Keep on doing this as long as you’re comfortable with it.

2. Power Stretch

As the name implies, these exercises are all about stretching the penis which helps the tissues of the penis stretch to its full potential thus making your penis longer. These exercises not only increase the erect length of the penis but also its flaccid length. These are completely safe exercises give you properly do a warm-up session before performing these. Lubrication is not compulsory, but it can help in making the exercise feel more comfortable.

You also need to keep in mind that these exercises can only be performed in a flaccid state and you should immediately stop if you get an erection while doing these. There are a whole bunch of different stretching exercises that you can use to make your penis longer.

3. V-Stretch Technique

This is a much more advanced technique that is also very effective in elongating the penis. It puts a greater amount of force on the penile tissues and ligaments than the conventional power stretching exercises. There is only one exercise in this category, and it should be performed once you have attained mastery in the previous types of exercises.

Penis Pumps

penis pumps are a great way to get a bigger penisAnother extremely effective way of enlarging both the penis size and girth is through the use of a Penis Pump. These things work by creating a vacuum around the penis by pumping out air from a cylinder surrounding the penis. This results in a negative pressure around the penis which draws blood into the erectile chambers, enlarging the penis shaft to its maximum potential.

As there exists a degree of elasticity in the penile tissues, it naturally provides some room for expansion when done correctly. By using these pumps correctly, you can make your penis markedly bigger and get an erection that feels hard as a rock.

Penis Extenders

There exists irrefutable evidence that proves the effectiveness of Penis Extenders in increasing the length of the penis by as much as 30% with consistent use over a period of 3-6 months. These incredible little machines apply relatively low levels of tension on the penile shaft, usually between 1.5-2.5 kg. This tension, in turn, triggers two different physiological processes to kick in, both of which result in a permanent growth in the size of the penis.

Penis extender testimonials

I’ve got my hands on a Jes Extender last year and it’s has served me very well since. I got it in my local store that sells adult toys in pittsburg but I found out that you can also buy them online.

I use it 4-5 hours each day and my results are really good.

I’ve gained around an inch which is really good and I’m very happy with it!

Jeff – Pittsburg

Firstly, these extenders help in stretching the penis ligaments which pulls forward a portion of the penile shaft that usually hides inside the body, resulting in a significant gain in size. These extenders also trigger a physiological process called Hyperplasia which is a multiplication of the penile tissue cells, resulting in an increased tissue mass. These things are quickly becoming the most preferred natural method of increasing penis size.