Male Edge review and results

male edgeHey Guys – My name is William Kissner, I have been in the penis enlargement business several years. I have always recommended penis extenders to men who want to enlarge their penis. Why? Well because they work. Male Edge is the newest version of the famous Jes Extender, that started it all back in 1994. I have recommended Male Edge since it was launched back in 2010. This device will help you get a larger penis in less than 6 months.

What do the customers say about MaleEdge?

“Excellent service & product.” Rick James

“I previously had a complex about my penis and didn’t want to have sex. When erect it was 14.3cm, after 19 months use and an average stretch time every day of 20-22 hours it’s now 26.5 cm. My girlfriend who previously made fun of my penis doesn’t make so much fun anymore  I’m very satisfied with my purchase.” Robin Jennings

“I have been wearing my extender for 4-6 hours each day since April 2003 ( 8 months) and have gained 1″ in length (6.5″ to 7.5″). I couldn’t be happier with the results thus far.” Steven Arnold

“Dear Jes I simple can’t believe it. I have been using your product for about 6 months. My penis is obviously enlarged. My self esteem has improved a lot, and I can tell you that my girlfriend is very pleased. She has told me, that she can feel a significant difference during sexual acts.” Anonymous

Generel information

Penis stop growing after teenage years, but unfortunately, some penis remain very small even after 20 years. For sure, you should never expect your penis to enlarge any more after 20 years. Fortunately, there are safe and cost effective way to get it growing once more. Male Edge extender has been clinically proven to work. It is recognized by medical professional at all corners of the world. It has absolutely zero adverse effects and is backed by many thousands of satisfied customers who have used it and proved to be a very effective device to enlarge penis.

You don’t need to suffer guilty or lack of self-confidence due to small penis, you can have your confidence restored by use of Male Edge Extender. You know they love big thing, small penis are never loved, not even that woman with smallest butt who will love it when small.

Male Edge Extender is a traction device that will harness your body natural potential to grow. It will increase penis length by 24% and girth by 19%. This is totally based on clinical trials as well customer’s reviews.

Take a look at this Jes extender video about cell division here:

Cell division takes time, that’s why it is so important to use the extender for as long time as possible

How it works

Male Edge Extender will increase penis length and girth in a natural way. It is easy to use penis enlargement method, it is cheap and effective method than surgical techniques.

It is a very light device that you insert your penis in. When you wear, you will remain comfortable, you can use it when at work or when you go to sleep.

Human skin is elastic can extend if made to, traction action of this device to you skin will force your penis to extend without causing any pain. Keeping penis under traction will make cells to divide and multiply, this will ultimately enlarge penis.

Male edge extender has a traction of 2800gm which is the highest traction in the market. This enhances faster enlargement.

Traction is very important since it increases cellular division by suppressing inhibitors which inhibits cellular multiplication.

Is it painful?

Male edge extender is not painful, it non-invasive and safe method to enlarge penis. Tissue expander have been used in reconstructive surgery for decades. It has been used to extend limbs and digit, and different people have used traction technique to elongate body parts such as neck, earlobes nose and penis.

When traction force is applied to penis for extended period of time, cutaneous cover, vascular vessels, corpus cavernosum, muscle, urethra and fasciae undergo proliferation. This results to longer and thicker penis.

Side effects

When properly used, Male Edge Extender has no side effects.

Money back guarantee.

Male Edge Extender comes with two years guarantee, in addition, you will get double refund if your penis does not enlarge upon completing program. You will get double the money you bought! That a great deal.

Male edge extender is never a miracle cure, it is a superb item that you need to try.