ProExtender Review

proextender reviewPenis enlargement basically involves increasing the penis size. It is also referred to as penis enlargement and it refers to a variety of techniques used to increase the length, girth or erectile firmness of the penis.

The techniques range from manual training to stretching tools and surgical processes. Some of these techniques have been successful while others have failed. Even though some techniques are well-known to be absolute hoaxes, others can generate some degree of success.

Frequently, in the promotion of fake products, the difference between short-term enlargement, erection, and long-term enlargement, is intentionally muddied.

Increasing the size of an average penis is differentiated from looking for assistance from the known medical problem of micropenis where operation to enlarge the penis size is at times required for urinary or sexual functions. In extreme cases, anxiety concerning the size of an individual’s penis can be an emotional or a psychiatric problem which can be handled only by qualified doctor.

Some of the techniques for penis enlargement include


There are various surgical treatments, each having significant side effects.

Pill as well as supplements

Penis enlargement creams, pills and patches are frequently accessible over the internet. Although some products have harmless ingredients, a lot of them are completely untested for wellbeing as well as side effects. Moreover, not any of these pills and supplements has been confirmed successful.

Physical techniques

A number of physical remedy techniques have been employed in an effort to enlarge the penis size. Usually, the techniques entail stretching, elongation by means of lighter weights, or rising the blood circulation as well as blood pressure within the penis.

Penis pump

This is a cylinder which is the penis is fixed inside, using a manual or mechanical pump to generate a partial vacuum in the region around the penis, which make it to swell as blood is drained in. As vacuum enlarges, the pressure inside the blood tissues of the penis enlarges too.